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electric gas-heaters, plasma torches

Plasma technology for mineral wool (basalt wool) production

Plasmatron is a device intended for converting electric power, through an arc discharge, to theremal power of a gas jet.

1MW plasmatron "Zvezda"-type

The main fields of the plasmatrron applications are following:

  • Plasma metallurgy
  • Plasma chemistry
  • Plasma deposition of the various coating
  • Fine powder production
  • Plasma cutting
  • Plasma treatment of the industrial, municipal and medcine wastes
  • New material production
  • Coal and mazuth combustors ignition and flame stabilisation
  • Plasma cleaning of the various dirty surfaces
  • Scientific researches
  • Production the heat protection materials on basalt base
    (basalt wool and other)

We proposed the plasmatrones intended for both industrial and scientific applications. The plasmatrones developed can be conditionally divided into two classes: low-power ones (up to 100kW) and high-power ones (100kW to 50MW).

30kW plasmatron

Low-power plasmatrones

These are the single-arc plasmatrones with two coaxial cylindrical electrodes and vortex stabilization of the arc. Electric power source for the plasmatrone is a special device transforming three-phase 380V voltage of 50Hz frequency to a single-phase 500V voltage of several kHz frequency.

The plasmatrones are water-cooled.

As a working fluid one can use practically any gas (air, nitrogen, argon, etc.), working pressure in the plasmatron chamber is not higher than 0.2MPa.

An average temperature with air as a working gas is 5000…6000K, a thermal efficiency exceeds 80%. Lifetime of the copper electrodes exceeds 500h.

20MW plasmatron "Zvezda"-type

6000K supersonic jet

High-power plasmatrones

These are the a.c. three-phase plasmatrones of "Zvezda"-type. A source of power supply is industrial three-phase network of 6 or 10kV line voltage. Rectifiers and/or transformers are not used.

Structurally the "Zvezda"-type plasmatron consists of three separate single-phase plasmatrones with vortex stabilized arcs combined by the mutual mixing chamber with an exit nozzle. A distinct feature of the "Zvezda"-type plasmatrones is in that all three arcs are connected between each other in a vicinity of the mixing chamber center forming a "hanging" star point. Hence there are only three electrodes instead of six ones, this allows to increase significantly the plasmatron`s reliability and lifetime. Other advantages of such type of plasmatron are balanced load of three-phase network and uniform radial distributions of temperature and pressure in the exit cross-section of the nozzle.

At power level higher than 20MW a plasmatron`s configuration is used with six arcs also connected between each other in the mixing chamber in the hanging star point. Increase of the arcs quantity allows to decrease electric current value in each arc and hence to rise both the electrodes lifetime and the plasmatron reliability.

The plasmatrones are water-cooled.

The working gases are air and the other gases . The maximum pressure in the mixing chamber is 10MPa, the maximum temperature in a case of air is 6000K.

The life-time of the copper cylindrical electrodes for 1MW plasmatron is more than 500h.

Detailed information about the plasmatrones` technical characteristics and the terms of their buying you can get after sending the corresponding questions by the address: or calling number in Moscow +7 (916) 659-99-29

Plasma technology for mineral wool (basalt wool) production